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If funding for facilities is support for the ‘hardware’ of sport, funding for sports can be considered support for the ‘software’ – the support for the people and organisations that make sport work.

It is not easy running a sport. Some of our bigger State Sporting Association (SSAs) like Netball WA, Football West, the West Australian Football Commission and the Western Australian Cricket Association are multimillion dollar operations providing guidance and organisation for their clubs and competitors from the grassroots to the elite.

Role of State Government

The role of the State Government through the Department of Sport and Recreation is to provide advice and funding to help them be the best organisations that they can be. Over the next three years over $7 million will be granted annually to SSAs to help make Western Australian sport the best run system in Australia.

What about grassroots sport?

If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of volunteers that run local clubs there are many ways in which the State Government can help make your life easier and your club better. We urge you to find out what is available. Here are only some of the resources that are freely available to you.